Publish date: 29/03/2013

Pablo Lopez Luz finalist of Sygenta Photography Award

Basel - The finalists of the Syngenta Photography Award, an international competition aiming to stimulate dialogue around key global challenges, were announced: Pablo Lopez Luz (Mexico), featured in ZOOM #109 Special Issue Landscape is one of the three finalist for the Professional Commission, together with Jan Brykczynski (Poland) and Mimi Mollica (Italy).
In his series Terrazo Pablo Lopez Luz’s intention was to re-interpret the classical notion of the Mexican landscape. Looking at the relationship between humans and their surroundings, he highlights the effect that overpopulation and the lack of structure or guidelines in the development of a city has on its terrain, land and population. His proposed Commission Lost Utopia is a project that explores the failed dream of the modern Latin American City and a lost bond to nature.

© Pablo Lopez Luz, Vista Aerea de la Ciudad de Mexico V, 2006

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