Publish date: 24/07/2016

Discover the New Under 30 Talent

Photography thrives on the new ideas of the younger generation and Zoom has always been aware of this, creating from time-to-time a special issue dedicated to the Under 30s of international fine art photography. Despite their youth, these photographers offer their own fully-developed styles and clear perspectives in their experimentation, such as French artist Camille Michel whose work on arctic glaciers goes beyond simple documentary photography, Moroccan-born Achraf Baznani, creator of a surreal world, or Canadian photographer Meera Sulaiman who has created a series of black-and-white photos of high emotional impact.
Some of these artists have already won prestigious awards, like 18-year-old American Chase Guttman who is a three-time winner of the celebrated Young Travel Photographer of the Year award, while others have created long-term projects, such as Brazilian Jal Vieira on drag queens, “Souvenirs d’un Futur” by Laurent Kronental, “Still Life Portrait” by Iranian Gilda Jabbari, and “Theaters” by the French duo of Yves Marchand and Romain Meffre. Also very intense the self-portraits of South African Mohau Modisakeng who still remembers the apartheid he experienced first-hand.
Heart-felt thanks to all these young photographers who have taken part in our project, and we wish them all a rich and rewarding future in photography.

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