Publish date: 30/10/2016

The new issue of Zoom is dedicated to our planet Earth

For those photographers who choose to work in this sphere, it is a vocation, a call to which they cannot help but respond. Like Rachael Talibart, lawyer, and Alejandro Prieto, veterinarian, many have left their original professions to dedicate themselves exclusively to photographing nature, while others, like Tom Murphy, embarked on this road from the very beginning.

This issue of Zoom is a tribute to all photographers who dedicate their lives to our planet Earth. We, who are extremely cognizant of the power of images, wanted to support the work and tremendous commitment of these photographers in defending together our marvelous planet.
And only a few days ago, the Parliament of the European Union ratified the Paris Agreement on climate change. It marks an important step that has been achieved thanks to the dedication of so many courageous “visionaries”. Yet, it is still not enough and our efforts must be redoubled.

The photographs we publish here show the power and mystery of nature, from the northern lights of Carlo Turienzo to the tornadoes of Mitch Dobrowner, the grand landscapes of Tom Murphy and the thousands of fireflies by Japanese photographer Kei Nomiyama. These are images that are not born in a computer, but in the ability of their photographers to observe.
In the words of Francisco  Mingorance, “our greatest success will be the eyes of millions of children who, looking at our photographs, will grow up respecting nature and its wildlife.”

Authors: Mitch Dobrowner, Kei Nomiyama, Sergey Gorshkov, Kiiro, Rachael Talibart, Tom Murphy, Alejandro Prieto, Francisco Mingorance, Carlos F. Turienzo, Peter Watson, Peter Essick, Wildlife Photographer of the Year.

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